Party sms

At the *Annual Business Meet*

*CEO* : Where do you see the company after 3 quarters?📈📊

*Employees* :
After 3 quarters 🍷🍷🍷we don't really care about the company !!


Tamil husband and wife sms

அழைக்க வந்திருக்கும் கணவனை பார்த்து மனைவி.
இரயில்வே ஸ்டேஷனில் : 
ஏங்க இப்புடி கடுகடுன்னு முகத்தை வச்சிட்டு இருக்கீங்க?  பக்கத்தில இருக்கவரை பாருங்க..  பொண்டாட்டியோட எவ்வளவு சந்தோஷமா இருக்காரு?

புருஷன் :  வெவரம் கெட்டவளே ..  அந்தாளு வழியனுப்ப வந்திருக்கான்டி ..

-படித்ததில் சிரித்தது -

Morning bell

Morning bells

Originality will always catch the attention of a good critic whether you're striving for success or living proof of success.
Be yourself! Stay Original.

Good morning n have a Great day...!!🌳🌳☔☔

Sixth sense funny sms double meaning A joke

"Sixth Sense"
Blind man in a Hotel...
Manager - Menu Sir ???
Man - I'm blind, just bring me ur
kitchen spoon, I'll Smell it & order.
Manager got a spoon
Blind Smelt & said "Yes, I'll have
garlic bread with season Potatoes...
"Unbelievable" said the manager...
Every week he came & was correct
each time.
Once manager wanted to trick him, He
went to the kitchen and told his wife
Maria "Rub this spoon on ur lips".
She rubs it on her lips and gives it to
her hubby...
Blind man smelt & said,"Oh ! My
My classmate Maria also works here!!
Manager fainted !!!

Dont laugh alone pass it on !!!

Doctor jokes


✍ Doctors Frustration 😡

People eat puri and samosas fried in lousy oil

Relish panipuri filled with 'gutter' water

Eat pesticide laden vegetables and fruit

Pay money for a black liquid called Coke or Pepsi

Smoke, drink, and chew tobacco like there is no tomorrow

Breathe in foul air

And all this without raising their voices

But after I write a prescription or explain a procedure, they ask
'Doctor, I hope there's no side effect for these😁

I feel like


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