Mokka kadi sms?! Lol

Varun: how many apples can you eat on an empty stomach?
Alia: I can eat 6 apples.
Varun: Wrong. you can eat only 1 apple on empty stomach bcoz when you eat the 2nd apple tht’s not an empty stomach!
Alia: Wow superb joke I’ll tell my friend..
Alia to Shraddha: how many apples you can eat on an empty stomach ?
Shraddha: I can eat 10
Aliya: Pagal.. 6 bolti to mast joke sunati!! ����

True sms and story!!

Hi all,

> If anyone is doing different than Krishna Rao as mentioned below then they can lead a happy life….
> Is it really better to sell milk than to work at MNC..?
> Krishna Rao(K.Rao) passed and placed at MNC during Campus Recruitment. CTC 4lakhs. His Relatives, Family friends of wished him for success. That’s it K.Rao face glowed like Petramax light and thought himself from today every day will be happy.
> Malesh beside to K.Rao house got faiedl in Degree. All his relatives and family friends blamed Malesh as everyone in Hyderabad is studying but Malesh even failed in degree.  Every one gave him suggestions like to sell Idly, Dosa….  Put Pan shop…  or sell Milk…  His Father was very much embarrassed. Now what to do…? Malesh asked his mother 2 lakhs and borrowed 2 more lakhs then bought buffaloes and started Milk Business.
> K.Rao bought bike through credit card and started to office. Malesh on TVS with Milk Cans also started to sell. K.Rao proudly said ‘Hai’ to Malesh. Malesh with embarrass look said ‘Hai’ and left to their duties.
> 6 months passed away….
> K.Rao cleared 20% interest over bike; still actual price 80K is pending. Malesh cleared 1 lakh out of his 2lakh borrowed money. Both faced each other, K.Rao gave small smile thinking that when he will clear 80K. Malesh also gave narrow smile by thinking about his remaining 1 lakh loan.
> 1 year passed away…..
> K.Rao put hopes on salary hike. Suddenly due to recession company mailed this year no hike. The mail look like Ramgopal Varma Telugu Movie “marri chettu”…  L Now half liter milk price increased to 14/-Rs from 10/-Rs. This profited Malesh to 30% and cleared remaining 1 lakh loan amount.
> By now anyhow K.Rao cleared his Bike loan and brought Personnel loan of 2 lakhs for 16% interest. K.Rao bought furniture, LCD, LapTop with 2 that lakhs. Every One accolade K.Rao as he brought these accessories in just 2 years of job. Now Malesh with his Profited money brought 12 more buffaloes. His income doubled. 
> Again both faced each other. K.Rao gave doubtful smile thinking about his Personnel loan. Malesh gave heart full smile since he doesn’t have any debts.
> After 2 Years K.Rao got 10% salary hike. He then bought a Maruthi Wagan R car through Car Loan. Mean time Malesh bought 2 acres land for his 3 dozens of buffaloes. Even Milk Prices raised to 30% again. Now Malesh income is 200% more than K.Rao. Malesh owned one Auto to sell Milk. One more time both faced each other. By thinking his Loans and Interests K.Rao unable to give whole Hearted Smile. Whereas Malesh smiled Confidently from his own Auto.
> 2 more years passed away…..!
> K.Rao applied to 40 lakhs home loan and bought one apartment. Malesh buffaloes number crossed Century. Malesh bought 2 apartments. K.Rao got 10more percent salary hike. Milk price crossed 40/Rs per liter now. Total income of Malesh is 500% more than the income of K.Rao. That’s all Malesh bought 1 Skoda and 1 Innova Car. Both faced each other. K.Rao gave tension smile by thinking that when he will clear 40lakh loan. Malesh gave Confident smile since he own a single size Milk Factory with more than 100 buffaloes and 25 workers.
> That night K.Rao was in a deep frustration. Because after 5 years Malesh own 4crores of Money, monthly 5 lakhs of income, provided jobs to 25 workers. Whereas K.Rao salary is 7 lakhs with 40 lakhs debt and un satisfactory job. This is the Balance Sheet.
> Facts: In 2008 Milk was 10/- litre. Now 40/- litre. Gold 12500/- 10 grams, Now 30000/-.  In the last 5 years salary hikes for software professionals was just 30%.  All commodity prices increased to 300%. Still many people from outside think about software engineers that as they earn in lakhs…   For them show this or share……..

Fun sms awasome!!

����English men have 1 month of festival in which they don't eat non �� veg.

In their area there lived a sardaar who eats daily �� chicken.

��Disturbed with the smell of chicken the English men decided to complain to Pope.

Pope called up Sardaar and asked him to start following the Christian Religion and practice and he agreed.

So the Pope sprinkled holy water on Sardaar and said "You born as a "Sikh", raised as a "Sikh", but now you are a"Christian"

Next day again Chicken smell came from Sardaar house�� So all English men visited Sardar's house and they saw......

Sardaar was sprinkling Holy water on Chicken �� and said
"You born as ��"Chicken", raised as a ��"chicken" but now you are .."Potato".. ����.
Christians shocked �� sardar�� rock������

Good morning.������

Puricha sari??

Silarku patta than purium...

Silaruku sonna pothum purium...

Silarukku eduthu sonna purium....

Silarukku thaanagavey purium...

Iam cooking are you??

Cooking doesn't matter when you find a good site in Google!!. 

Life doesn't matter when you choose nice cooking partner 

I am cooking!! 


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